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This is the very new frontier of photography: from the portrait in studio elbow in the art of the boudoir photography, the exhibition of seduction … to be pleasing or to please, to surprise or to make a gift.

The word “boudoir” becomes from France: in fashion on XIII century, it means the private bedroom of a woman, or her private sitting room, or  more vulgarly her changing room.

Do not think about “forbidden pictures”, or about artistic nude, or about vulgar posing, because the art of photography boudoir is studied to create a showing-no showing effect, to surprise without showing, to capture the attention leaving place to the imagination, to consecrate the woman’s elegance and her sensuality in her most intimate side.

The goal of boudoir’s photography is different from the other styles of photograph: the woman can surprise with a gift her man in Valentine’s Day, or take the opportunity of the wedding to do a bridal boudoir …

For this kind of shooting, you can ask for a woman photographer; boudoir photography, in fact, requires a certain level of privacy, and has to be studied in each detail: from lingerie, to face and hands make up, and to hairstyle.

The following pictures are shooted in our photo-studio in Monfalcone, but if the customer ask for an outdoor shooting in remote or private places, we are glad to do it, compatibly with the weather conditions. Obviously the light has got a fundamental role, because especially in outdoor shooting it can create an elegant and value atmosphere, intensify the elegance of the charming woman.

It is worth mentioning that boudoir photograph is for the woman and not for the model, because all of you has got a hidden side of your body that must be rediscover and enhanced with the photography, maybe with a couple boudoir.

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