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We’ve recently decided to add also this new page: our credits, awards and qualifications.

We believe it is useful and important to inform you, that are looking for a photographer who captures the special moments of your life, about our competences thanks to the continuous updating in professional training courses, with the best experts of the photographers’ world scene, and the membership in trade associations that protect our image and you, the final customer.

To learn more about this, read the paragraphs below.

Guarantees wedding photographer associated ANFM

Since 2015 I have been associated to ANFM (Wedding Photographers’ National Association), whose aim is to protect professional photographers’ job and whose “philosophy” is bound to “respecting the customer and giving credits to the single photographer who is an artisan artist able to translate and perform, through his own peculiar creative and technical abilities, the job asked by the client”.Regarding these principles, together with my constant care for the highest qualitativeperformance, I commit myself to always guarantee my presence during each photo service booked and not to be substituted by any other external collaborator working for the studio.This is to be considered in the view of the greatest transparency in the relationships with customers. I also guarantee that images submitted to the client in order to show my works, are the true results of my technical and creative abilities.At last, but not least, I promise the greatest clearness in prices, supplying customers with estimates showing all extras and various options which might be ordered in future and might vary the initial estimate.

To view my professional profile click here or on the image over this paragraph.

Maurizia Panzini.

Certified wedding photographer associated with Fearless Photographers

Fotografo Associato Fearless PhotographersOne of the sentences I prefer to use to describe my job is the one of Fearless Photographers’ home page:

“the best wedding photographers for couples who truly love photography”

Since 2015 I’ve been associated to Fearless Photographers, “a unique photography directory of the world’s best wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of professional wedding photography to surprise you with extraordinary wedding photos of your wedding day”.

I’m really glad to be part of this association and to be able to specialize myself even more in the photographic world of wedding, thanks to the input and the collaboration that the Fearless Photographers’ organization and their associates will give me.

To view my professional card click here or on the side, while for more information about the Fearless Photographers association, click here.

Fulvio Bologna.

Certificates of participation in training courses for professional photographers

fotografo accreditato - ae academy rome 2014As you have seen in the gallery of this page , our team of photographers constantly updates every year to learn about the new trends of wedding photographs, new born and boudoir and to keep up to date with the latest news that programs of post production (Photoshop, Camera Raw, Lightroom) offer us .

Among all the courses, we include our participation in the most famous International workshops, with Yervant by Graphistudio (photography field and post-production , with Marianna Santoni (guru of Adobe) and with the team of AE ACADEMY by Album Epoca (photography field and post-production . From this year, besides myself (Maurizia ) and my husband (Fulvio), we have two new-entry in our team: our daughter , Thaila and our son in law Enrico,, who participated for the first time in an International workshop,, leading to home good results. For more information on the last workshop we attended, click here or on the icon of this paragraph, while to preview the program in pdf of the next International workshop based in Venice we will attended, click here.

About us …

Fotografo consigliato GOLD matrimonio.comSince the end of 2013 we are also on, a useful Italian web site for people who is looking for suppliers to organize their wedding without stress.

So far we have collected 10 recommendations, with the best evaluation of our wedding-couples, and now we are proud to be part of the “gold ” members.

If you want to know what our spouses say, click here (contents available only in Italian), while to see our wedding reportage, click here .

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