Bambi Cantrell @ AE Academy 2014

Wedding photographer in Rome

Today I am really very happy to write this blog, because Bambi Cantrell is one of the Ambassadors that I prefer: her communication talents with models, but also with us and other professional photographers, are really sharp, detailed and original. Bambi’s favorite must is the lights’ lookout in each photo composition, but also the harmony, […]

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Sam Sciarrino @ AE Academy 2014

Fotografo a Roma

Here we are: ready for the second appointment with the workshop “The Maestri in Rome”, in which we tell you our upgrade with the best international wedding photographers. Today’s article is dedicate to technical arguments discussed with the Canadian Sam Sciarrino. The thing that struck me more of Sam’s photography style is his geometrical analysis […]

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Ti Sposi – Wedding exhibition in Trieste

TiSposi Fiera degli sposi Trieste

TiSposi – Wedding exhibition in Trieste Today blog is focused on wedding exhibition in Trieste. We are pleased to invite all the future brides and grooms to the “bride and groom exposition in Trieste, on 29th and 30th November, in the beautiful contest of Trieste’s Gulf (Magazzino 42). We remember you that the admission ticket […]

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